PVC Roof Tile Production Equipment

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PVC Roof Tile Production Equipment

PVC roof tile production equipment is formed by conical twin screw extruder, cooling equipment, traction device, cutting machine and other parts. Its traction unit and cutting machine are connected with PLC control system, which makes simple control, fast operating speed, plus significant reduction of labor and time. Thanks to the electromagnetic heater, our product can save 40% to 60% electric power. Its unique feeding trough structure and wonderful cooling system help increase the output by 15 to 20%.

Furthermore, the variable screw pitch and special screw structure of this PVC roof tile production equipment are peculiarly designed for PE raw material, which have achieved the perfect plasticizing effect. There is a group of automatic control system for water temperature and water level inside the water cooling tank. This system can help save large amounts of water and also improve the production efficiency.

ProductProduct ThicknessExtruderMax. OutputTotal Length
880mm2-4mmFSJSZ-80/156 FSJ-45/28390kg/hcustomizing
1040mm2-4mmFSJSZ-80/156 FSJ-50/28420kg/hcustomizing

We are a PVC roof tile production equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as HDPE water supply and gas pipe extrusion line, PVC coal mining pipe production line, and plastic pipe winding machine.

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