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Plastic Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer

Qingdao Friend Plastic Extrusion Technology Company Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified plastic extruder manufacturer in China. We specialize in our plastic single screw extruder, HDPE pipe extrusion line, plastic sheet extrusion machine, roof tile production equipment, PE and PP spiral corrugated pipe extrusion machine, as well as PVC profile and wood plastic composite equipment. Our products have received European CE certification, and they offer high efficiency, energy conservation, reliable performance, and easy operation, which is why they are extremely popular among our customers.
Hot Products
  • PVC Roof Tile Production Equipment
  • PVC Roof Tile Production EquipmentPVC roof tile production equipment is formed by conical twin screw extruder, cooling equipment, traction device, cutting machine and other parts.
  • Plastic Grass Mat Extrusion Line
  • Plastic Grass Mat Extrusion Line Plastic grass mat extrusion line is controlled by PLC system. Operators can make use of this system to control both production speed and time, thus assisting customers to improve the ...